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New Subscription Options for 2013!
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Renew Your Subscription Now and Save up to $45 with the New Online-Only Subscription!

Choose the Traditional Subscription and continue to receive printed booklets by mail as well as all the online services you've received in the past
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Subscription Fees

Subscription type USA Foreign
  Traditional 160.00 170.00
  Online Only 135.00 135.00
Early Bird Renewal Discount Rate    
  Traditional 150.00 150.00
  Online Only 125.00 125.00

To claim an Early Bird Discount, please sign in to find your Discount Code. If you purchase an Online-Only subscription now, any remaining lessons in your current subscription will continue with the Traditional service, and your new Online-Only service will begin with the first lesson in your new subscription term.


What You Can Do Online


View your PERSONAL SUBSCRIBER RECORD. Make changes and additions to your mailing address, e-mail address, personal password, and other information in your record, or check the status of your current subscription.

View and print the ONLINE EDITION of each CME paper included in your subscription. Many include real-time imaging and other features not available in the printed booklets.

Take ONLINE EXAMS offering a variety of options and services not available with mailed answer cards.

View your PERSONAL PROGRESS REPORT so you can monitor the number of CME credits you have earned.

Post your comments about each paper in our free online discussion groups in the ULTRASOUND CAFE.

RENEW your subscription online with secure credit card payment.

CONTACT US. E-mail your comments and questions to our editorial or customer service offices.

Why You Should Use Online Subscriber Services

Online Subscriber Services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for subscribers located in the United States and throughout the world.

No long distance charges or waiting on hold

No postage needed to submit answer cards for your CME exams.

No answer cards lost or delayed in the postal system.

Review the Online Edition before the corresponding printed booklet arrives in the mail.

Take the Online Exams and see your test scores immediately; receive confirmation of CME credits earned by e-mail.

on't like an exam question? Choose Reset to receive a new set of 10 questions.

Failed an exam? Take a Second Chance Online Exam and still earn CME credit.

Missed a deadline for mailing an answer card? Take Online Exams anytime during the subscription year, from anywhere in the world, without deadline pressures.

How to Get Started

    Many Online Subscriber Services are limited to Subscribers Only. You will need to enter your ID number and Password before you can access the Online Edition, the Online Exams, your Personal Subscriber Record, and your Personal Progress Report.
    Simply type your ID number and Password on the Sign-in form located on the Subscribers Only page or the Set Up Account page. Click Enter, and you will be directed to a page that will let you choose the Online Service you would like to use.
    If you have forgetten your password, click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Subscribers Only page. You will need to enter your e-mail address and, if it matches the e-mail address in our database, you Password will be sent to you by return e-mail.

Technical Requirements

    This website is optimized for Internet Explorer. If you are using another browser and experience difficulty in viewing or using any part of this site, please change your browser to Internet Explorer. Acrobat Reader is required to access the PDF files used for the Online Editions and all papers posted in the online Ultrasound Library. Windows Media Player is required for playing the real-time ultrasound studies.
    Please download and install the recommended software, choosing the most recent version compatible with your computer system. PC and Mac versions of these programs can be downloaded free from the following sites:

Internet Explorer

Acrobat Reader

Windows Media Player

How to Play Online Movies

    Many of the Online Editions include real-time ultrasound studies. Look throughout each PDF file for links to movie files, which are cited in the text and shown in blue type. Click on the link, and the movie will load and play automatically. You must be online for the links to work.

Online Editions

    Online Editions corresponding to the printed booklets are posted in the Subscribers Only area of this site and are accessible by password only. You will still receive, via First Class mail, each printed booklet included in your subscription, but the Online Edition may include real-time imaging and other material not found in the printed booklet.
    You can view and print the Online Edition of any paper included in the term of your annual subscription and take the corresponding Online Exams. Completing the CME exams in time to meet the requirements of your registry is your responsibility.
    Distribution of materials in the current CME programs is limited to subscribers only. For more information about annual subscriptions, please see our Online Brochure. To enroll in one or more programs, please use our online Create an Account and purchase subscriptions online or call 800-631-9238.

Online Discussion Groups: The Ultrasound Cafe

    The Ultrasound Cafe provides online discussion groups for each lesson in the current CME programs. Post your comments and questions about each paper at the Ultrasound Cafe, and see what other subscribers have to say. While this free service is provided for our subscribers, all members of the ultrasound community are welcome to participate in the exchange of information and ideas about a variety of ultrasound topics.
    Back issues of the TODAY publications are available in the Ultrasound Library (without exams or CME credit). Free discussion groups based on these papers are also available in the Ultrasound Cafe.

Online Exams


When you sign in to take an Online Exam, you will be presented with a randome selection of 10 multiple choice questions. The questions in your personal Online Exam will NOT match the Poststudy Exam printed in the booklet you receive in the mail. Your personal Online Exam will NOT match the Online Exams presented to other subscribers.


If you do not like a particular question in your personal Online Exam, you may select "Reset" and receive a new set of 10 questions—like dealing yourself a new hand in a card game. You will not be able to return to the original set of questions, so use the Reset button wisely.


You mark your answers to the questions by means of radio buttons. You should check your work carefully before submitting your answers for scoring; you may change your answers as many times as you wish, up until the time you click on the Submit button.


To keep a hard copy of your personal Online Exam with your answers, you may print a copy of the Online Exam showing your selected answers BEFORE clicking the Submit button for scoring. The Online Exam service will keep a copy of your personal Online Exam, your answers, your test score, and a record of your credit earned in our database for a minimum of three years.


After clicking the Submit button, you may view an online report showing the correct answer key for your personal Online Exam, your test score, and the number of credits you have earned (a test score of 70% or higher is required for credit).


If you earn a test score of 60% or less (a failing score), you may take a Second Chance Online Exam. Please review the lesson material carefully before taking the Second Chance Online Exam. Second Chance Exams are NOT available by mail.


You may view a confidential online Personal Progress Report that lists all the test scores and credits you have earned to date. The report will list each lesson included in your subscription so you can easily identify tests you have not yet taken but that are still available in the Online Exam service for you.


You may submit answer cards by mail instead of taking your exams online. Your test scores and credits will be entered into the database, and you can view this information online. If you mail an answer card that earns a failing score, you may take the Second Chance Online Exam and still earn credit. Second Chance exams are NOT available by mail.


If you think a question contains an error, ambiguity, or other problem that makes it difficult to answer correctly, please report it to


Reports of credits earned will be delivered to ARDMS or CCI electronically for those subscribers who request it. To receive this popular service, simply enter your ARDMS or CCI registry number on your Personal Subscriber Record or write the number on your answer card before mailing. This service is available for exams completed by mail or online. Please allow 3 weeks for your credits to be shown on the ARDMS or CCI site.


Completing the CME exams in time to meet a deadline established by your registry is your personal responsibility. The Online Exam service offers the fastest, most reliable method of ensuring that your CME credits are recorded promptly.

Online Progress Reports

    You can view your Personal Progress Report online so you can monitor the number of CME credits you have earned. Your Personal Progress Report lists all the CME lessons and exams included in your annual subscription and shows the test scores and credits you have earned to date. You can easily identify exams you have not yet taken but that are still available in the Online Exam service for you. You can also identify any exam that received a failing score—and you can make up the credit by taking a Second Chance Exam online.
    Completing the CME exams in time to meet the requirements of your registry is your responsibility.

Copyright and Permissions

    The Online Editions of the Today publications are provided as a service to subscribers only and supplement the printed materials delivered by mail. Both printed and online editions of the materials provided in the Today CME publications, including all supplemental materials made available on the website or by mail, are the property of Chrestomathic Press, Inc., and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws and trademark laws.
    You may not use any material from this website to provide continuing education credits for any person who has not purchased a subscription from Chrestomathic Press, Inc. Copyright law protects the copyright owner's right to obtain the commercial benefit of the work and to control the way the work is used. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution that harms the commercial value of the work—such that other people do not need to buy it—is NOT permitted by copyright law.
    You may print material from this website for your personal, non-commercial use only as permitted by the terms of your subscription and other rules as defined in the Terms of Use, provided you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices. Printing a copy of a CME paper, as allowed by the terms of your subscription, or a copy of a paper in the Ultrasound Library, for which you have paid a fee, does NOT confer copyright of the material to you. Similarly, the publisher's posting of materials on this website does NOT mean that the work is in now in the public domain.
    The reproduction, duplication, distribution (including by way of e-mail, facsimile, or other electronic means, or by way of the postal service, courier services, interoffice mail, or other distribution systems), publication, modification, copying, uploading, or transmission of any material from this website is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless you have obtained the prior written consent of Chrestomathic Press, Inc., or unless it is expressly permitted by this website. The material covered by this prohibition includes, without limitation, any text, graphics, logos, photographs, audio or video material, or stills from audiovisual material available on this website. The use of materials from this website on any other website or networked computer environment is similarly STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
    To obtain permission to reproduce a figure, table, or other materials, please mail a written request directly to the publisher:

Chrestomathic Press, Inc.
5025 N. Central Ave., #608
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Copyright © 2002 thru 2013 - Chrestomathic Press, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright © 2002 thru 2013 - Chrestomathic Press, Inc. - All Rights Reserved.
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