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Keyword Search
The Keyword Search will yield a list of papers that focus exclusively on a particular topic or include significant information on the topic within a broader discussion.

Full Text Search
The Full Text Search looks for individual words, not phrases, used at least once in a paper. Increasing the number of search terms may therefore increase the number of matches; all papers that use the words in any context will appear in the results list, although some may make only passing reference to the subject or be less relevant to the objectives of your search. Try using fewer terms to limit the search, and do not use quotation marks, commas, or other punctuation to indicate phrases. For a list of all Ultrasound Library papers arranged in subject order, please see the Subject Index.

Author Search
The Author Search looks for authors and coauthors of papers included in the Ultrasound Library. You can also search for author's names in the Full Text Search, but the results list will include all papers that mention the author's name in any context, such as in a Bibliography. For an alphabetical listing of all contributors, please see the Author Index


Keyword Search

Click on a Keyword and then click the Search button. The results will be listed in subject order, as shown in the Subject Indexes.

Full Text and
Author Search

Type in words, phrases, or author's names, choose the Search criteria (Full Text or Author), and click Search. The results will be listed in subject order, as shown in the Subject Indexes.

You can use a '%' (percent sign) as a wild card. Example: If you wish to find a library paper that has the words "aneurysm" and "liver transplant" anywhere in the descriptive text of the library paper, type in "%aneurysm%liver%transplant"

If you wish to search on an exact name or phrase, make sure to check the box "Search for EXACT phrase".

Search for EXACT phrase

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