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Subscription Fees

Subscription type USA Foreign
  Traditional 160.00 170.00
  Online Only 135.00 135.00
Early Bird Renewal Discount Rate    
  Traditional 150.00 150.00
  Online Only 125.00 125.00

To claim an Early Bird Discount, please sign in to find your Discount Code. If you purchase an Online-Only subscription now, any remaining lessons in your current subscription will continue with the Traditional service, and your new Online-Only service will begin with the first lesson in your new subscription term.

This Online Order Service is designed for individuals paying by credit card only. To place an order using a credit card that is in the name of someone other than the subscriber (such as an employer or spouse), for groups of two or more persons using the same credit card information, or for other payment methods, please go to our Mail/Fax/Phone order page.

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